I co-host and produce a podcast called Hear That? with my friend Tyler about music. These are 20-minute kitchen-table chats about songs or bands we have opinions about. Give it a listen for some music recommendations from a musician who knows a lot about the industry (Tyler) and a person who has a lot of opinions about art (me).

I research, plan, and edit a podcast with my friend Becca about fandom topics called Tagged T for Swears. It's a conversation about what we like and don't like about fandom, including databases, archiving, fan culture, fanfiction, various media we have consumed, LGBTQ+ and other representation (canon and fanon), tags and jargon, tropes... We also get derailed talking about D&D a lot of the time. This has been on hold for a year but random episodes may still appear.

I'm writing an audio drama titled (Up)Rooted. It's written in an epistolary format, from a human gardener on a spaceship to a sentient, mobile tree alien. It's my excuse to learn more about gardening, biomes, linguistics, ecology, growing plants in space, pollinators... I'm having a wonderful time.


I research and produce a podcast with my friend Zoe called Finding the Glitter in the Gold. We talk about Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Middle Earth. She brings the book-knowledge, I bring the online fandom lore/tangents, and we both bring a lot of enthusiasm! This podcast ran for 22 episodes (April-Aug 2020) and is on hiatus until our work schedules allow.

I self-produced, researched, and wrote 34 scripts for an informational podcast about outer space for over two years (2017-2019). I may come back to HD and the Void; we're discovering new things about space all the time!



I've loved stories my entire life. I consume them in any format I can find them, from novels and audio dramas to movies and comics. Thoughtfully presenting an individual's personal perspective (the more unreliable the narrator, the better) and making the bizarre believable are two of the greatest challenges I love taking on when I create stories of my own. I write for fun, for the joy of crafting a story, and because I always want to read the kind of story I'm trying to write.

Chandelier was my 2016 NaNoWriMo. It’s an urban fantasy novel about a group of 20-somethings who have mild magical abilities. There's summonings and spell research, but it's mostly about trying to make friends as an adult.

Ugly Vampires was my 2014 NaNoWriMo. It’s about very old vampires and surviving vs. thriving.

Both of these works occupy my brainspace but are unpublished.

National Novel Writing Month

'Smooth Sailor' is an erotic flash fiction story (under 2,000 words) that I completed during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. I describe it as an asexual romance story about the intimacy of shaving someone else's legs. I submitted it to the New Smut Project and it was accepted into a queer erotica anthology called Erato. The anthology is available to buy as a PDF or a paperback from many online retailers. I earn no royalties, but this was a wonderful publishing experience and I encourage folks to support the New Smut Project.


Personal essays help me organize my thoughts. I learn things constantly (I love learning) and sometimes new knowledge overlaps in a way I find fun. These essays capture moments when I learn something new and want to share that knowledge with people. It's also a way to catalogue all the connections my brain makes when I pick up a new skill or find a neat fact or try to get someone to read something I liked.

Dreamstory Project is a series of short stories and one novella that are all based on extremely vivid dreams I’ve had since I started keeping a dream journal in 2010. I published a couple in a limited-run chapbook/zine. Stories so far include:

  • No Escaping, That’s For Me - Resist falling in love with a someone who has smoke coming out of her mouth.
  • Buzzard - Teens at the end of the world form a loose, nerdy commune in an abandoned elementary school.
  • Cages and Meatmasks - A trapped woman considers a deal with a skinless face-entity.
  • A House, A Home, Occupied - Breaking into houses with your ghost girlfriend isn’t as fun as it sounds.
  • A Greenhouse Far From Nice - An imaginary friend grows improbable plants in Wisconsin.
  • He Outside Himself - Building a copy of your boyfriend with your boyfriend.

My tabletop RPG content varies. I play in a few D&D campaigns, run a couple, created a D&D 5e class based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld witches and a subclass system based on The Magnus Archives, built a world for D&D 5e and an eldritch roadtrip campaign concept for the Powered by the Apocalypse RPG system... This is really just another fun thing I like to think about. Creating something within strict rules and guidelines is a different kind of creativity.


Poetry is an ongoing process for me. It's often emotional, nostalgic, and reflective. Sometimes I like expanding on some historical, academic, or natural fact I learn. Sometimes it's a review of a movie I just saw and had a lot of thoughts about. There are a lot about how much my friends mean to me.

Period Piece was a performance written for the NWAAF fundraiser, Cabaret for Choice (2019). I delivered this performance on menstruation and menstrual products with two dear friends. We devised the work over the course of a month and delivered our semi-spoken, semi-sung performance to an audience of 40 or so people (a decent turnout for a Wednesday night).

Please be aware, the text contains personal, anecdotal, and educational discussions of menstruation and menstrual products.

Northwest Abortion Access Fund


Hannah Davey (HD) is a writer from the Pacific Northwest with a day-job in the nonprofit world. After years of writing short fiction for just myself or a couple friends, I'm going to start putting more stories out there for a wider audience. Most of my stories have LGBT+ elements, with roots in sci-fi, slant fiction, urban fantasy, or a weird dream or two.

I have written novels, short stories, plays, poems, speeches, lectures, cover letters, college essays, resumes, grants, reviews, post-it notes, professional email correspondence, analytical papers, love letters, marketing copy, articles and advice guides, Dungeons & Dragons worldbuilding documents and homebrew class and item ideas, memoirs, podcast scripts, flyers, PowerPoints, sincere apologies, yoga class descriptions, informational biographies, ridiculous songs, list after list after list, informational documents on how to use Slack or semi colons, secrets, HTML code, and a few brief mottos that are quite quotable.