The Cast


Gregorian Year (Common Era) Event Third Age Year (First Contact Era)
2237 CE First Contact with Luom. 0 FCE
2255 CE First Contact with Photosynthetes 18 FCE
2258 CE First Contact with Gao 21 FCE
2262 CE First Contact with Horbs 25 FCE
2278 CE Humans achieve intergalactic travel 41 CE
2283 CE Nature Rooms become standard on spaceships 46 FCE
2301 CE McCabe's Law instituted on Earth 64 FCE
2385 CE Wormhole installed in Sol System (by Kuiper Belt) 148 FCE
2388 CE Human mass exodus 151 FCE
2449 CE Narrator is born 212 CE
2469 CE Narrator leaves Earth, as required by McCabe’s Law 232 FCE
2490 CE Translator born 253 FCE
2524 CE Narrator takes job on current ship to avoid more ‘hibernation’ after losing their older brother during a period of stasis 287 FCE
2528 CE Narrator starts correspondence with Photosynthete biologist-philosopher When the Topmost Trees are Goldtipped but Light Fades 291 FCE