after watching 'The Legend of 1900'

(Oct 2012)


and then he became infinite
and his story wasn’t true
but it was true enough to last,
to make me hurt,
to show me people, the ugly ones that are never in movies,
falling in love as he is giving them a song
and making magical music
out of two pianos, one for rich one for poor,
but if you don’t know what it is, it’s jazz
and it’s the truth
even the lies of it all
like born lived died on a boat, never a foot on land
except a frozen moment between two worlds…
or a trip around a storm-tossed ballroom,
the piano on castors and the music moving everything else aside,
even fear…
or music during the war when no one danced…
or a cigarette lit with hot piano strings…
and fuck the regulations
and know that it will never be the same music twice
even if he plays all the notes perfectly, for
the way he holds his hands,
the way his smirk catches, head twists, eyes soften,
all changes, for emotion changes
and emotion is a kind of music
that he played till those strings ached,
heartwires softening with the heat
and there were 88 keys, no more,
never less,
all those blacks and whites ending because he feared the neverending
and then he became infinite